How to Get Focused and Push Past Overwhelm

Do you wake up feeing overwhelmed or at peace? Do you have a solid plan in place for getting things accomplished in your day to day? Are your days a reflection of chaos going in whichever direction the wind takes you, or do you have order and a rhythm for getting things done? In today’s society there are so many options and choices. So, how do we decide what we should be focused on in our everyday? Here are my 5 tips for keeping the overwhelm out and the focus in!

each season of Your life should give you life

  1. Be Intentional About Your Time: Sometimes we have to guard our time like our lives depend on it! If we don’t respect our time then nobody else will. I like to start by slowing down. For some reason we equate full life with having a full calendar and that’s just not the case. Each season of your life should give you life (tweet this). The moment that anxiousness and overwhelm start to creep in, we have to evaluate what we are doing and figure out what can stay and what can go. Sit down and map out what a productive day looks life for you and stick to it (more about this soon).
  2. Silence Your Distractions: One of the biggest time killers these days is technology. There is an app for everything! Don’t get me wrong many of these are useful, but they can also be huge time suckers. Decide that you are going to put limits on the distractions. You many need to write out what your distractions are. If you know you like to watch t.v. and it keeps you from being productive, set a limit on your screen time. Silencing our distractions takes discipline. We have to make a conscious decision that we desire to have more order and !peace in our life over our distractions.
  3. Write Out What You Need to get Done: If it’s all in your head and not on paper it’s not going to get done! Productive people always have a game plan and stick to it. I like to say, don’t just talk about it be about it. What do you need to write down? Where can you keep it so that you can actually reference it regularly? This may also be a good time to create a Vision Board or do some goal setting.
  4. Find Accountability Friends : Have you told anybody your plans to get things done? I know that if I’m having a hard time getting started on a project, I may need to enlist the help from my spouse or a trusted friend or family member that I know will encourage me in my process.  Enlisting the help of an accountability friend is a great way to feel supported in our endeavors. I always say that life is lived better in community! Don’t be afraid to ask for help in your time of need. We all need spiritual, emotional, and physical help at some point.
  5. Push through complacency: Sometimes we get overwhelmed because we try and accomplish too much at once. Ever wake up in the morning and think about all the things you need to get done and then not want to get out of bed? It’s not a good feeling to feel defeated before you have even started. Start with the first step. Do that small thing that you need to do whether it’s making your bed, returning a phone call, or organizing a bookshelf. Be disciplined enough to tackle it no matter how you feel. Our feelings have a way of trying to dictate what we are going to do. Choose productivity over I don’t feel like it. We always feel so much better on the other side.


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