Hello Fellow Sister and Trail Blazer!

Entrice Rowe

I'm Entrice Rowe.


I'm a Certified Life Coach, author, and teacher on a mission to help you make bold moves in your life and most valued relationships.

I'm delighted to provide you with resources via video and written word that will bring you comfort, strength, and inspiration as you navigate life’s highs and lows.

Spirit Detox Challenge.png


If you've been feeling worn out, run down, and disconnected from God it might be time for a #SpiritDetox.

God loves you SO much and longs to give you everything you need to thrive in your life...but the only way for that to happen is for you to create space to be with Him and hear His voice.

I invite you to join me for this FREE 5-day guided experience that will walk you through practical, daily action steps you can take to create space in your daily life to find refreshment in God's presence. 

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