Taking Self Care from a Dream to Reality

Why You Should Make a Date with YourselfTypically we think about time to ourselves as a luxury. Rarely do we have it consistently on our calendars. Any one else ever feel like they just have too much to do, to take time to hit the pause button on life? Working from this state of mind will leave you feeling burnt out and extremely overwhelmed! Although it's great to have a life that is full, we still need to make sure that we know how to STOP and REST. A lot of times when I am approached by potential clients they want to know how they can create order and peace in their lives. I have learned that there are many things that I could do with my time, but I also know myself enough to know, that each season of my life has to offer time for me to recharge. Sure, you have those busy seasons in life when you feel like you can barely catch your breath but, that's not how every day life is supposed to be. If you are maxed to capacity in your every day, every year then it's time for some introspection and maybe a life coach!

What does Self Care look like? Self care looks like valuing yourself enough to know that you should have a date with yourself on your calendar regularly. When I say regularly I mean you should have a date daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. Before you get discouraged let me explain how you will go from setting aside daily time for yourself to incorporating self care as a part of your life style. This is not the time to run errands for yourself,  family members, volunteer in the community, or to dispense advice to friends and family. This is time spent pouring into yourself so that you can be the best version of you for those you are in relationship with.

How often are you taking time to invest in doing things that recharge your mind, body, and spirit?  When you make time for yourself it is so much easier to care for and help others.  I am so passionate about helping women in this area because I meet so many women who are just exhausted from the every day pressures and challenges that we all face. Taking care of yourself will allow for you to live a grace filled life and will also help you to make clear and well informed decisions.

Setting a Date With your Self: Let's clear the air by first naming all of the reasons why we don't take time for ourselves: family obligations, time, money, energy, guilt etc. Now that we've gotten those out in the open are you ready to do something about it? Some of us don't know there is a problem with how we've been operating our everyday lives until we are exhausted and ready to throw in the towel. Hopefully as you are reading this you are not at this point. If you are that's okay.  There is hope! Hope comes in the form of thinking about something you can do for yourself for a minimum of 20 minutes today. That's all it will take each day to get you started. Set aside this time to do something that makes you feel energetic  and brings you joy.

Want to Learn More? I will be hosting a FREE Webinar on Saturday, March 12th at 1pm est where I will walk you through the importance of valuing yourself and setting aside time for yourself on a consistent basis, I will also lead you in an activity where you can determine what type of activities work best for you during your self care time. There will also be a fun self care challenge and giveaway! You don't want to miss it! Are you ready to get started? Click on the image below to save your spot!! Looking forward to meeting you this Saturday!

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