When Worry Wants to Steal Your Joy

Hit Worry Head on With these Verses_ Did you know that the root of worry comes from a lack of trust in God?

Do you ever find yourself worrying?

What are some of the things that you worry about?

Do you know what God's word says about worrying?

The root of worrying comes from a lack of trusting that God has enough for us all. Enough provision, time, love, you name it! If there is something you are worrying about you are trusting in your own ability instead of God's ability and timing.

I tend to be a bit of a worrier. Surprise Surprise! You would have never guessed, right? Well, sometimes overwhelm has a way of getting the best of me when I look at all I need to get done.  With four kids it seems like the list never ends. Between making my husband a priority, keeping my house in order, feeding my kids (yes they must eat three times a day), and all of the other tasks that come with being a woman, wife, and mother life can get a bit stressful.

Just last week as my husband and I were getting the kids ready for school, my middle daughter handed me an additional assignment that needed to be completed for school. So immediately my brain went into worry mode. I started complaining a bit about not having time to fit the assignment in my already hectic schedule when my husband looked at me and said "today I want you to really focus on not worrying, we will get it done."

Before I even had the opportunity to get defensive, the Holy Spirit flooded my mind with scriptures where He reminded me to trust Him. Too often we worry about things we have limited to no control over anyways. I was reminded by God that the things He gives us to do, are not meant to stress us out and make us crazy. But, if we don't seek Him for direction and strategy, then we will go crazy trying to accomplish things in our own strength. God is well aware of the amount of time we have to get things done. He created time, as well as the work He wants us to do! In His word it says that he created great works for us to do in advance! You can trust that He takes great pleasure in us completing the tasks He has set before us. We must trust, in His ways in getting things done. Which will bring us peace and joy not overwhelm and anxiety.

Trust that whatever He has put under your stewardship He will help you complete.  If you are wondering how to get your joy back and strengthen your trust in the Lord, here are a couple of ways I kick worry to the curb. I hope they help you too!

  1. SLOW DOWN: When anxiety kicks up, this is a clear indicator to me that I need to slow down. I have learned in every season there is a rhythm that the Holy Spirit would like us to follow. In order to find that rhythm we must slow down and get before God so that we can hear his voice. I use this quiet time to meditate and pray.
  2.  THINK POSITIVE: Another thing that God challenges us to do when worry wants to rear it's ugly head is to think positive! He tells us to think of things of good report. I'm often reminded during my time of worry that things have always worked out for my good. Not always exactly when I've wanted them, but nevertheless they have worked out in my favor. Learning how to not let you mind spiral into the dark abyss of "what if" serves us well as adults! This is such a valuable lesson we can learn. Once we've mastered it we can pass it on to the next person who struggles with worry.

At the end of the day make sure you don't allow your thoughts to control you! We are in control of our thoughts and emotions and it's up to us to make the choice not to allow worry to rule in our lives.

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How do you eliminate worry from your every day? Share in the comments below your strategy or your go to verse! I would love to hear from you.