get rid of the guilt

Ditch the Guilt & Walk in Your Calling

I’ve been thinking long and hard about how we get to a place where we feel guilty and defensive about the choices we make.

How do we find balance in our day to day?

How do we know that we are making the right choices for our families and ourselves?

How do we walk in true authentic peace?

If these questions have ever swirled around in your head in regards to who you are as a woman, a wife, or a mother - please keep reading!

First things first, whenever I have overwhelming feelings of anxiousness I know that I am going way too fast. I realize that I have somehow gotten ahead of myself - and more importantly, ahead of God!

Just recently I had many opportunities come up that were “good” opportunities and I wanted to commit to each and every one of them!

But, guess what? None of these opportunities were in line with the current season that I am in with my ministry and my family.

So how do you pinpoint what exactly it is you are supposed to be doing and leave all that useless guilt behind?

I would like to share and teach you how through my 8-week Guilt-Free Girlfriends Group Coaching program for wives and moms!

In this program we will take a look at the five areas we tend to get stuck in as wives and moms.

The five areas we will cover for growth will be:

  1. Identity (know your worth)
  2. Core Values (know your value)
  3. Set Boundaries (with yourself, your spouse, and your family)
  4. Communicate Your Needs (to yourself, your spouse, and your family)
  5. Set Out Your Expectations (for yourself, your spouse, and your family)

If you’ve ever experienced those underlying feelings of guilt that just won’t go away, you won’t want to miss this opportunity!

I have 12 spots available to get you ready for the holidays! Yes, that time of the year where we feel extremely guilty about how to handle all the requests being made of our time (and wallets!) by our loved ones and friends.

Let’s get you ready to walk in the God ordained confidence that you are making decisions that bring you peace!


We will begin the week of Oct 10th! I can't  wait to watch you become guilt-free and walk in all the abundance that God has for you!

Ditch the Guilt & Walk in Your Calling